Kim Maverick Martin Batingal, Nick: Kim, Kimpot, Kiddo, Betty Boop, Buchukoy. Born on January 18. Male. 16. Waiting.. I ♥ cooking. Hopelessly hoping.

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I just hate it. Bursting into tears just by watching the MGIAG series, even though I tried to stop crying. I hate it. :(  . </////////////////////3. I cried a river earlier today because of watching the 15th and the 16th (Last) episode. :( </////3 But then, mi-ho returned in the end, still, while watching the end of the series, I was smiling even though my tears are falling. :( I wish there’ll be more upcoming series, even if it’s the end. 

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A part of the last episode. :( &lt;////////3. #imissher.